Dear Gossips,

April Fool’s Day?

For some. For me, April 1 has always been the most important day of my life. My parents were married on April 1. Jacek was born on April 1. I signed my first major contract on April 1. So when Random House Canada offered me the privilege of choosing any day in April as the official release day of my book, Listen To The Squawking Chicken, the Squawking Chicken herself decided that it had to be today, April 1.

Does that mean my book baby was born via c-section?

My book baby is now available across Canada in hardcover and on e-book. Did I mention there are pictures? In the United States, Listen To The Squawking Chicken will be born on April 22.

Thank you so much for your emails and tweets leading up to the delivery of my book-baby. Your support and encouragement is everything. Actually EVERYTHING. Listen To The Squawking Chicken would not have been possible without your dedication to gossip, without you refreshing this page, without you yelling at me about whether or not Brange is for life. So, even though it may not mean much, if you do decide to read my book, please check the Acknowledgements section for a message. The final words of the book were written for you.

Thanks again.

Now… let’s get back to talking sh-t about celebrities. How does a Fashion It Girl get a rock star to fall in love with her? Music, of course. It’s the MUSIC.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Listen To The Squawking Chicken may have been born today in Toronto but my child was conceived in Vancouver. Which is (one of the reasons) why I will always consider Vancouver home. I’m bringing my book baby home on April 11. There’s an event. And I’d love to hang out with you there – on a Friday night, a few cocktails before you head out to dinner or the club. Click here for ticket information.