Dear Gossips,

So about Going Clear which aired on HBO on Sunday…

Haven’t written about it because I haven’t seen it. And I haven’t seen it because it didn’t air in Canada. Canadian distributors have decided instead to give the film a proper theatrical run starting on May 8th. 

Did you know that before the film’s screening at Sundance, festival volunteers formed a human chain around director Alex Gibney and former Scientology members accompanying him to protect them in case the Church’s protestors got nasty? (Source)

According to The Hollywood Reporter Going Clear was the most-watched HBO documentary in 9 years. With the exception of… BEYONCE. If you really want to call Life Is But A Dream a “documentary”. You’ll recall, that’s the film about Beyonce, directed by Beyonce, in which Beyonce is interviewed by Beyonce. So they’ve classified it as a “concert movie” and the stats about Going Clear still stand.

Going Clear hits theatres in Canada a week after Avengers and a week before Mad Max.

Yours in gossip,