Dear Gossips,

Amanda Bynes’s dad says she wasn’t drunk at the time of her arrest. And she may not have been. Just like she insists she wasn’t fired from Hall Pass a couple of years ago and left production due to scheduling conflicts. Scheduling conflicts usually arise when actors have multiple jobs. So... when was the last time Amanda Bynes had more jobs than she could manage?

Multiple sources told me at the time that they did, desperately, try to help her, the people working on Hall Pass. Oftentimes though, the problems of a child star are too deep. We have seen it play out over and over and over again. It will continue to play out over and over and over again.

The scariest part however is that this is the most anyone has cared about Amanda Bynes in a long, long time. When you grow up, f-cked up, in Hollywood, how do you think that sudden attention gets internally interpreted? On some level, they LOVE it. They have always loved it, the spotlight. No matter the reason why it’s suddenly on them again.

Yours in gossip,