Dear Gossips,

You know what today is?

Today is Day 1 of Round 1. High intensity hockey every single night. It’s when our Vancouver Canucks season tickets pay off. Me, I was born and raised in Toronto. My team will always be the Toronto Maple Leafs who suck sh-t. Jacek was raised in Vancouver. And, well, as his wife, I just want him to be happy. Just like Carrie Underwood, presumably, wants Mike Fisher to be happy.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago - click here for a refresher - you need to be afraid. Detroit did not secure home ice. So we might be seeing Country Bitch’s face deep into the playoffs. Or, you know, maybe she’ll duck underneath the buffet table.

I have a screening in the middle of the day so several articles have been pre-written to roll out while I’m out and we’ll pick it up again soon as I’m back just after lunch.

Yours in gossip,