Dear Gossips,

The Avengers premiered last night in LA and, as we do these days, there was a big ass race to get out the first reviews. The first reviews are really, really good. Click here for a sample. Oh I can feel all you Buffy/Joss Whedon fans inhaling with pride. Especially Duana. We all have our favourites that turn us into evangelists. Here’s what I’ve noticed about Buffy fans though (and I’ve never watched an entire episode): none of the ones I’ve ever encountered, and I feel like I’m surrounded by them in my personal life, are super conversionists. It’s like they shrug, smugly, as if to say, well you don’t deserve to be part of our club anyway. Whedon has always seemed like just another member of that club, never the leader, which I suppose is part of that appeal.

But sometimes I wish I could better understand the rationale of the people who manage these events. You know the cast of The Avengers, right? It’s a big cast. With a lot of boldface names. So...why do you send an invitation to Audrina Patridge? Not being facetious; I really don’t get it.

Yours in gossip,