Dear Gossips,

My book, Listen To The Squawking Chicken, debuted at #3 on the bestseller list in Canada! (Click here to see the full list.)


For showing up at the book tour events in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. For ordering online. For your tweets and emails. For your support. For everything. And there are more book and gossip parties coming up! Next week: New York, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco. See you there?

Game Of Thrones. See what I mean about this season taking off without a slow burn? It was only episode 2. And it’s not just about that big thing that happened at the end. There’s a two minute (or so) scene next week involving the Lannisters that perfectly illustrates why this show is the sh-t right now – love, legacy, and good old perversion. Family is a terribly beautiful thing. Duana’s recap is coming up first.

As for the MTV Movie Awards, I still don’t understand why Conan O’Brien hosted them. But big ups to Conan if he understood half of what happened last night, including 21 Pilots. In 2000, it was Sarah Jessica Parker who hosted the movie awards. Sex & The City was two years old. It was just becoming a big ass deal. George Clooney actually showed up. In 2001, Kirsten Dunst co-hosted with Jimmy Fallon. They were becoming big ass deals. In 2002 it was Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jack Black. Buffy was a big ass deal. Not that Conan isn’t important. I’m just not sure…it’s the same vibe, even though Johnny Depp is wearing the same pants.

Yours in gossip,