Dear Gossips,

The 2015 list of the Worst Jobs came out yesterday with Newspaper Reporter ranking #1 followed by Lumberjack. I totally thought Telemarketer would be on there but it’s not. Do you know how mean people are to Telemarketers? You’re about to tell me how annoying they are and how awful it is to be harassed at home. I get it. But I also used to be one. And it’s not like I was putting on my headset every day intending to piss you off, my only career goal. For most telemarketers, it’s a living. To feed their families. So because that used to be me, I’m generally receptive when a Telemarketer calls. I always want to do the survey. Except I always get disqualified on the second question because I work for a media company.

Anyway, coming in at #5 on the list of Worst Jobs of 2015 is Broadcaster. Conveniently, Brian Williams decided to step out on Tuesday holding a puppy, flanked by his beautiful wife and gorgeous daughter. Click here to see the shots of Williams on his pap walk looking as handsome as ever, and very, very happy, ready to come back from professional and public disgrace. And they say the paparazzi aren’t useful.

Yours in gossip,