Dear Gossips,

How about that game of musical chairs at the Hand’s table last night? The greatness of the show is not in the battle scenes but in these small moments that reflect humanity, oftentimes the worst parts of it, and so honestly. Thus, Game Of Thrones, a scripted drama, is more real than reality television, especially as it relates to families. Families are not all sh-t but they also can’t be all good. Take the Starks for example -- if Jon Snow is presumed to be your hero, and Arya the spunky one, and Bran the supernatural one, the other three, Robb, Sansa, and Rickon can’t all be awesome. At least one of the other three, if not two, will have to suck, by law of averages. I’ll go with Robb then. More turns on the storyline if eats it. And chill out. This is not a spoiler, simply a prediction. I’ve not read the books and don’t intend to. But G RR Martin is so wonderfully merciless, non? Duana has the full Game Of Thrones Episode 3 recap coming up later.

As for the MTV Movie Awards -- I was all excited when they shat on Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe in the first 30 seconds (and Rebel Wilson kept sh-tting on Crowe through the entire show) but then so quickly disappointed I stopped watching halfway through, after Will Ferrell trotted out his Asian family. What a mess. And it’s the audience too. That was a totally disengaged audience. Here’s my theory on that: the smartphones are killing the award shows, especially these award shows that rely so heavily on a certain demographic and they’re too busy instragra-tweeting now to care about what’s actually happening outside of themselves.

Anyway, most photos from the movie awards will be posted to LifeStyle. And also, it’s that time of year again: Coachella, when celebrities dress like assholes.

Yours in gossip,