Dear Gossips,

I was in LA this weekend for The Avengers junket where Tom Hiddleston set a match to my Five List. More on that later. As for the movie? SO good I held my pee for two hours, happily. So good I was a screaming idiot in the theatre, hootin’ and hollerin’ along with everyone else at all the fun parts. There are a LOT of fun parts. And, well, it’s impossible to be too cool to cheer when you’re watching all those fun parts. Joss Whedon looked exhausted when I interviewed him on Saturday. And he probably should. It’s really quite amazing what he did. He made it So.Much.Fun under all that expectation. I can’t wait for you to see it. Did I mention it’s FUN?

Oh look, it’s Coachella time again. Some go for the music. Some go for an excuse to dress like an asshole. LifeStyle has been updated with a few Coachella galleries and we’ll do more throughout the day.

The Boston Marathon is happening today. But the weather conditions, they’re not ideal. Too hot. Hayley and my cousin Cat have been there a few days to prepare. I’ll be tracking them on the route with their bib numbers. Good luck to all of you running today! Finish strong!

A Queen must be pragmatic, non? I’ll take Margaery’s pragmatism over the useless Catelyn Stark.

Yours in gossip,