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Dear Gossips,

HereΓÇÖs the thing about how ΓÇ£artyΓÇ¥ James Franco has become: even when heΓÇÖs just messing around, you wonder if heΓÇÖs actually just messing around, or whether or not, in a month or so, suddenly what was just a spell of silliness will become an installation somewhere, or an experimental album meant to challenge the boundaries of creative expression beyond the artistΓÇÖs public consciousness, which is a series of words that makes no sense because, well, that sounds about right.

Franco keeps posting videos of himself singing along to pop songs. The latest is Carly Rae JepsenΓÇÖs Call Me Maybe. TheyΓÇÖre actually kinda cute...if goofinΓÇÖ is all it is. I want to believe thatΓÇÖs all it is. But somehow James Franco made everything have to mean something. And now itΓÇÖs impossible to enjoy any of it without considering what it might mean. Or is the meta-ness of that is where heΓÇÖd say the Art is?

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