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Dear Gossips,

Most of the Cannes lineup was announced this morning in Paris. As expected, Brad PittΓÇÖs Killing Them Softly will premiere at the Palais des Festivals. Which means, again, the Brange will walk that carpet, the red steps, and, as they do, take over the Croisette. IΓÇÖve been to Cannes 6 times, this year will be my 7th. And, if the business is gossip, itΓÇÖs always better when theyΓÇÖre around. ItΓÇÖs best when theyΓÇÖre around and sheΓÇÖs pregnant. Then again, IΓÇÖve never tried it with them engaged. But you see, as I wrote the other day when they dropped their ring on the world, their timing, always, is pure genius, isnΓÇÖt it?

You know Killing Them Softly is a Weinstein title, right? The film premieres in September. And you know what Harvey Weinstein does around Oscar season, donΓÇÖt you? Harvey obviously has more authority over some stars than he does others. If this film has any chance at all with the Academy, Harvey will want in on some of that strategy, if not drive it completely. Does Harvey Weinstein get to tell Brad Pitt when to get married? Or does even Harvey back off around the Brange?

Some of the other gossip friendly names expected at the Cannes Film Festival this year include Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Matthew McConaughey, Shia LaBeouf, Kristen Stewart, Tom Hardy, Kirsten Dunst, Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, no Ryan Gosling, and...

Isabelle Huppert.

Remember when Isabelle Huppert, that magnificent mega, MEGA bitch, was president of the jury in 2009? Click here for a refresher. She threw down when she found out that her rival Isabelle Adjani was asked to present at the closing awards. Pretty much threatened to walk if they allowed Adjani up on her stage. So Adjani was sent home on a plane and a male actor was arranged to take her place. Because Huppert doesnΓÇÖt play well with women. Please. French drama is the best.

Anyway, HuppertΓÇÖs film Amour is said to be one of the early contenders this year for the Palme dΓÇÖOr. The director Michael Haneke won the Palme dΓÇÖOr conveniently in 2009 when she was presiding. That same year, a film by Jacques Audiard called The Prophet was thought to be superior to Amour. Many believed The Prophet was the runner-up only because of HuppertΓÇÖs influence. Now both Haneke AND Audiard are back and going head to head. AudiardΓÇÖs star is none other than Marion Cotillard. IΓÇÖm just saying this is great, GREAT gossip potential. Attached - Huppert in Cannes last year. The festival opens in exactly a month. IΓÇÖll be starting coverage from Cannes on May 16th through to the end.

Sorry yesterday was so light. IΓÇÖve been fighting something all week and yesterday afternoon it really f-cked me up. Making up for it today with a very full column.

Yours in gossip,



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