Dear Gossips,

I think I might be really into Blake Shelton. But not in a way that would piss off Miranda Lambert because that girl knows all about the girl sh-t and how to bring it, hard. But Blake manages to get his cuts in and still be considered “good-natured”. Even though you know he and Miranda go home at the end of the night and piss on everyone they just had to endure several hours with. Like Carrie Underwood. And LeAnn Rimes. I would love, SO MUCH, to know what Blake and Miranda really say about LeAnn Rimes.

Murder, incest, cunning, and dragons - so how was Game Of Thrones for you? It’s the f-cking BEST, right? The night is dark and full of terrors. The year is too long with only 10 episodes and 10 long months without. Duana has the recap later but my short note is this: it always comes back to great writing, and there’s no better example of great writing than in the scenes between Cersei and Tyrion; just wait.

Yours in gossip,