Dear Gossips,

It was Jacek’s 40th birthday yesterday. He’s not really into parties. But there happened to be an event happening in Toronto, on his 40th birthday, that even he couldn’t resist.

Karl Lagerfeld hosted a party in Canada for the first time last night to celebrate The Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos; he designed the lobbies. So we went. And pretended that Karl was in town to celebrate Jacek’s birthday.

Then we waited. Because, obviously, Karl’s not arriving on time. I know you’re going to ask so I’ll answer: No, we didn’t see Choupette. Choupette’s too busy making her own money. You know she earned 3 million Euros last year?

Anyway, as expected, he didn’t smile. And he only surrounds himself with pretty people who probably hate food. It was as it should be.

In the end then, inspired by Karl, here’s how we decided to finish off Jacek’s milestone birthday evening:



Scheduling note: it’s Good Friday tomorrow, a statutory holiday in Canada. So there will be no blog. We will return on Monday.

Happy Easter!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,