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Dear Gossips,

You know who looks really, REALLY good right now?

Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Garner is now the top answer to the question: who’s the celebrity LEAST likely to be arrested, right? Thanks, Reese Witherspoon.

What’s super interesting now is observing how Reese tries to PR her way out of this. She had the misfortune of f-cking up before the weekly magazine deadlines. You can imagine then how many tabloids were reshuffling their cover stories yesterday before the Monday night close. Now that she’s given them a reason, there’s another side of Reese that will be emerging. It’s not that it’s new, it’s just they don’t have to be afraid of burying it anymore.

And that’s not unlike the Tiger Woods example from a few years ago, when he crashed his car in his driveway and it was subsequently revealed that he was a compulsive cheat. You’ll recall, it was The National Enquirer that broke the story of his rampant infidelity. But it’s not like the mainstream media, particularly those on the golf beat, didn’t know Tiger was dicking around with... anything. Back then, Tiger was just so in control, and had the power to freeze out any journalists who dared expose him. They couldn’t risk being banned from his press conferences or from any post-round interviews. Once The National Enquirer blew that open though, well, it was like a green light to give Tiger the True Hollywood Story treatment. In that sense, The National Enquirer made that possible.

In Reese’s case, well, her entitlement has now made it possible. This USA Today article is a good example. All sources interviewed agree that there’s “no silver lining” to the situation. And that Witherspoon’s image has possibly taken a permanent hit. In the same piece, it is noted that her career hasn’t exactly been thriving lately. Now if USA Today is taking that tone, you can imagine the direction the “gossipier” outlets will be taking. And it’s not like she’s in any position to punish them now, the way Hollywood often holds the media hostage by threatening to withhold. “Do You Know Who I Am?” just cost her some political power. Is that irony? More on Reese later.

I’m on the red-eye Monday night from Vancouver to Halifax so I’ve pre-written the morning content and will resume writing as soon as I arrive. There should be no interruption to your regular gossip schedule. But as the early posts were put together in advance, they may require updating if anything changes while I’m in flight.

Yours in gossip,



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