Dear Gossips,

The BAFTA TV nominations happened this morning. Misfits was nominated for Best Drama Series! Misfits WON in the Drama Series category two years ago. Not sure its chances are so great this time but this is just my excuse to nag you again about why you haven’t started watching it yet.

As for Downton Abbey - just one nomination for Maggie Smith. I guess even the Academy agreed, despite record ratings, that the second season was undeniably sh-t. If you missed my previous article on it, please click here. The Guardian, hilariously and concisely, referred to the show’s problem as “Matthew’s Tingle” which, obviously, I am childish enough to appreciate.

Nothing I hate more than geo-blocking. Right now I’m mad at it because I still haven’t been able to watch The Crimson Petal And The White, yes, based on Michel Faber’s novels, and if you’ve not read it, omg, you have to right away. Remember when it came out, over 10 years ago now I think, Kirsten Dunst was supposed to play Sugar in the proposed film? Am so encouraged by the growing movement to put books on TV instead of at the movies. Why are movies still the first option? Especially when, so often, it’s like sending your work off to be bastardised.  

Click here for the full list of BAFTA nominees.

Yours in gossip,