Dear Gossips,

The Cannes Film Festival jury has been announced. Ang Lee is joining jury president Steven Spielberg on the panel. Lee and Spielberg just went head to head at the Oscars for Best Director. Also fresh off an Oscar win, Christoph Waltz. And director Lynne Ramsay whose schedule opened up as she recently quit Jane Got A Gun. Nicole Kidman too.

That’s Granny Freeze at the Palais, every night, walking up those steps. That’s a LOT of dresses. Interestingly enough, while Kidman’s Grace Of Monaco -- for which they say she’ll contend for Oscar next March -- is still in post, The Weinstein Company is apparently planning to screen footage from the film at the festival, the same way footage from The Master, Silver Linings Playbook, and Django Unchained was presented last year. The strategy worked well. So Gran’s campaign is beginning early.

As mentioned last week, this year we’re partnering with U by Kotex ® to bring you extensive Cannes coverage, as well as the opportunity for you to win an amazing festival-timed spa day in Toronto for you and a friend.  BFF Trip! Look for more on that coming soon.

Look for more about Reese Witherspoon coming today. It’s tabloid Wednesday. And after the events of last Friday, when Reese DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM’d herself all over an Atlanta cop, the weeklies had at least 48 hours to update their pages.

Yours in gossip,