Dear Gossips,

-The Kardashians just signed a new $40 million deal with E!
-As Sarah from Cinesnark reminded me the other day, Adam Sandler has had ten - TEN! - $100 million PLUS movies in the last 12 years.
-Two And A Half Men is expected to be renewed. Again.
-Michael Bay

Do we get what we deserve?

God, it’s been a year already. A year ago on Friday, Prince William married Catherine. I was there reporting for CTV - 8 hours of live coverage as a combined 2 billion watched collectively across all broadcasts around the world. While Will and Kate are said to be celebrating their first anniversary privately, we will celebrate gossip styles here on the blog. Hope you can join us.

Oh and by the way, have you watched BBC’s The Diamond Queen? If no, you need to set aside some time and get on that. Hot Harry alluding to the sh-t kicking he’s taken from his grandmother and describing his “role” during his brother’s wedding is so f-cking cute, if you’re a royal whore like me you will love every minute.

Yours in gossip,