Dear Gossips,

The Tony Award nominations were announced yesterday by Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker. It was a RED reunion. They shut out Harvey Weinstein’s Finding Neverland. Some of the big name celebrities who were called include Bradley Cooper (The Elephant Man), Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy (Skylight), and Ruth Wilson for her work in Constellations. But not Jake Gyllenhaal in Constellations. There are only so many spots, I guess.

But it kinda reminds me of (movie) award season. When Bradley wasn’t a factor…until it mattered. And Jake was nominated at several of the pre-game shows but not at the main event. In my worthless opinion, his work in Nightcrawler deserved to be there. Then again, American Sniper was not my jam. I hated it. I’ve not seen either Elephant Man or Constellations but if this is a two man popularity discussion, Bradley Cooper’s weight at Hollywood & Broadway High School seems to be worth more than Jake’s. This conversation may not be over though. Jake has Southpaw this summer, and some are predicting that he could be a contender and Bradley Cooper’s third film with David O Russell and Jennifer Lawrence, Joy, is scheduled for Christmas Day, which always means the movie has award hopes.

On talent? It’s too close to call. But on political maneuvering? Right now, Coop is way ahead.

Yours in gossip,