Dear Gossips,


So many trailers!

We’ll get to a few of them later but my favourite so far? My favourite so far, by far, on personal excitement and love to hateness has to be Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom. All you Aaron Sorkin junkies out there can relate right? You’re still crusading for Sports Night, you miss The West Wing, and you suffered through Studio 60. Now, finally, Sorkin has found his way to cable, writing a show about cable news, with all the patented Sorkin plays, featuring what looks like an awesome, awesome cast led by Jeff Daniels (yay Alison Pill!).

Already I’m obsessed and really, really annoyed. That’s Aaron Sorkin. It’s a gift, really it is. That you can feel his superior smugness without even seeing his face. Even his lead character’s name is f-cking smug. WILL McAVOY??? Come on!

And still... still I do enjoy, SO MUCH, the fast talking and the walking talking, the preaching, those signature Sorkin “great big moments”, his obvious flawed hero, a mirror of himself, the sanctimony, but of course the sanctimony, enough that I will and have often endured his not-infrequent sexism because...

I love his work. I hate his work.

Yours in gossip,