Dear Gossips,

When did the White House Correspondents’ Dinner become the Golden Globe Awards? President Obama should host the Golden Globe Awards. After all, Ricky Gervais really wasn’t very good this year. Why didn’t I put it together sooner that Cameron from Modern Family is Marcus Bachmann? That was Jimmy Kimmel’s joke, yes, but still, the President, super chill and charismatic, it was like he was reminding the other president, George Clooney, that this is his game. More on George Clooney later. Click here if you’ve not had a chance to watch both speeches. As for what they wore, LifeStyle has been updated with a few notables.

Insurgent comes out tomorrow! Are you ready? My review will be posted later today. I really wish they wouldn’t use voices in the trailers. Especially in the book trailers.

Yours in gossip,