Dear Gossips,

Today is the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls.

“The weird thing about hanging out with Regina is that I could hate her but I still wanted her to like me.”

Replace “Regina” with “Gwyneth”. Or “Julia”. Is it the same? 

So, are you wearing pink today? I’m wearing pink on The Social today. 

In 10 years, Tina Fey has become a powerhouse. Everybody rose. One fell. That she squandered all that promise isn’t the biggest tragedy. To me, the biggest tragedy is that of all the things I remember about Mean Girls, I don’t remember the promise. I don’t remember Lindsay Lohan as a good actor. Not even Mean Girls was enough of a foundation to carry her through her sh-t, her ongoing, interminable sh-t. Lohan will be 28 in July. That’s not… young anymore, especially not in an industry that ages you out so quickly. 

Yours in gossip,


PS. I love Tuesdays. Last Tuesday I was at Barnes & Noble on the Upper East Side in New York to squawk and gossip. THANK YOU all so much for coming and continuing to crusade for gossip. This Tuesday it was in the Distillery in Toronto. THANK YOU for selling out the event. THANK YOU for asking for elevating gossip. THANK YOU for asking about the SMUT Soiree. It’ll be June 23. Details to come.

But first… Montreal this coming Saturday, May 3 from 2pm – 4pm. Come gossip, come squawk! At Indigo Place Montreal Trust, 1500 avenue McGill College Montreal. For more information please call 514-281-5549 or click here.

And Toronto my first Toronto book store event will be on Sunday, May 4, 2pm – 4pm at Indigo Bay & Bloor, 55 Bloor St W, Toronto. For more information please call 416-925-3536 or click here.
See you there!

PPS. #WeTheNorth