Dear Gossips,

As we get closer to the MET Gala on Monday, I have a question for you. You remember what happened at the MET Gala last year, right? 

It was The Elevator.

The Elevator was probably THE biggest gossip story of 2014. So far, Beyonce and JayZ do not appear on any leaked attendees lists for the MET Gala. What’s your prediction then? Do Beyonce and JayZ return to the MET Gala? Or do they skip it for a year, put some distance between themselves and the scandal. Because if they show up, everyone’s going to bring it up.

Or maybe they DO come. Defiantly. On several counts. Because Jay’s been playing defence on the Tidal situation lately too. Maybe they even come WITH Solange. Like, you can’t touch us, you can’t bring us down. Can you see it? I can't decide. You? Let me know what you think.

Yours in gossip,