Dear Gossips,


The Bluths are coming!

We have a proper date now!

Netflix announced that Arrested Development will return on May 26 -- ALL 15 EPISODES AT ONCE. Repeat -- ALL 15 EPISODES AT ONCE. Originally it was supposed to be 10. But then showrunner Mitch Hurwitz ended up with extra so they were able to increase the delivery... by 50%?!? How often does that happen? How often do you get MORE than required, and totally organically, without pressure, completely voluntarily?

Hopefully it means there was a creative abundance. Definitely it means that everyone who was there, working on it, wanted to be there, and was generous about being there. This isn’t the way in Hollywood, not normally. Normally they give you exactly what you pay for and never, ever a minute on top.

OK so now we have to talk about how we want to handle this. Me, I’m mainlining as much of it as possible immediately on 12:01am PT. At half an hour an episode, that’s only 7.5 hours to get through all 15 episodes. Which means I’ll be done before 8am on a Sunday morning, PLENTY of time to nap for a few hours and still be able to enjoy the day before the penultimate Game Of Thrones that night. May 26 is 8 weeks away and I already know EXACTLY what I’m doing that day. You may have other commitments. So what’s a decent enough amount of time before we can talk about it? Some of you are still just finishing House Of Cards (also on Netflix).

Look, 15 weeks is too long. I say 2 weeks. Is 2 weeks fair?

Yours in gossip,