Dear Gossips,

We’re liveblogging today at 3pm ET/Noon PT. Please join Duana, Sarah, and me before your long weekend!

Here’s what I was struggling with last night:

I LOVE golf. I love playing golf and I love watching golf. And of course it’s the Masters. I will totally be into the Masters all weekend. But... Augusta National still refuses to allow female memberships. They insist it’s a private issue. They say it’s “tradition”. To quote Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun-Times:

“The last (Augusta) club chairman was named “Hootie.’’ The current one is named “Billy.’’ Really, is there anything else to say?” (Source)

Thing is, the people who run Augusta also hold positions of great social and professional importance off the golf course. These dudes don’t intend to let their “traditions” die with them. And, inconveniently, you can’t blame the media for their bullsh-t. Who do you confront when it’s not the magazines and the tv shows but your neighbours, colleagues, husbands, and fathers?

Please note there will be no blog tomorrow. The Vampire Diaries recap will be pushed to Monday. It’ll be a full, FULL column on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


PS. To answer your question: anyone but Phil.