Dear Gossips,

Something really exciting happened yesterday that took us back to the glory days of matching denim and pinky stinky. Please. That’s all you needed to make it 2002 again (before the dance-off). We’ll get to that in a minute. Because this morning something else happened that’s really exciting...

THR reports exclusively that Jacob Bernstein, Nora Ephron’s son, will direct a documentary about his mother for HBO. I wrote about Nora and Jacob a couple of days ago -- click here for a refresher -- and in particular, about knowing Nora, through Nora’s books as opposed to her films, and now we get to know more about Nora through a film, but not one of hers. Thank you HBO. And thank you Graydon Carter who is one of the producers (which means he probably kicked in some cash). This, of course, only reminds me of the hilarious story she told (in I Remember Nothing) about her meat loaf at his restaurant and how great it was at first, and how it, her meat loaf, ended up getting fired in the end.

I’m attaching another video. This time instead of Meryl Streep, Nora’s honouring Mike Nichols. She’s so good at this, and so goddamn funny, it really could have been a fulltime job.

Have a great weekend!

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