Dear Gossips,

Whether it was deliberate or by accident, my favourite detail about the Saturday Night Live Neurotology video this weekend was that in 1990, Nicole Kidman is what Kate McKinnon looked like in the sketch. It’s all in the hair. And the profile shot of Kyle Mooney, as he’s sitting next to Kidman McKinnon, I mean all I could see there was Tom Cruise’s nose.

I wish the graphic had read accurately though next to McKinnon about the year she left. On the show it was 2007. In real life, for Nicole Kidman, it was 2001. She broke the billion year contract. Also, Colin Jost’s face killed me.

Don Draper kills me. Joan and Peggy in that elevator killed me. Mad Men is back. And does what it does best: kills you slowly.

Yours in gossip,