Dear Gossips,

“F-ck me gently with a chainsaw”, did you read the Heathers oral history that was posted on Friday afternoon over at Entertainment Weekly?!?? It’s so very.

And it would have never, ever, ever happened today. I can barely believe it happened at all as we celebrate the 25th anniversary. And while I know they’re doing it on Broadway, I’m not sure the Broadway version really captures the spirit of what Heathers actually was. Can a musical revel in self-loathing the way Heathers so casually and unapologetically reveled in self-loathing? Heathers wasn’t afraid to hate. Hate was the predominant emotion, the encouraged emotion. You hated the characters. You hated their world. At times it felt like the movie hated itself. And still the humour prevailed. The genius of Heathers lives there – in that rare magical space where satire feels real.  Few films are able to find that balance. Few television shows are able to find that balance.

But Hate is a valuable character on Game On Thrones too. Hating smart is rewarded over loving well in Westeros. This is excellent news. For 10 weeks then, we celebrate the Hate. Season 4 is now and recaps begin this morning.

Quick programming note first: am travelling this week, starting in Ottawa today and tomorrow (Faculty of Celebrity Studies tonight and Chapters Rideau tomorrow 7pm – see you there?) and then going west across Canada. On days where flying during business hours is unavoidable, I’ll be pre-writing through the night so there should be no interruption to the gossip schedule unless there are airport delays etc.

Calgary Wordfest on Thursday with Jann Arden (OMG!) is almost sold out – click here for tickets – and THANK YOU Toronto for selling out this event in less than a week!

My book tour ends at home though – in Vancouver. I planned it this way so that we could have a Friday afternoon gossip session before you hit the bars. Are you coming!?!? Are we talking sh-t about Gwyneth and Aniston and Timberlake and more? Click here for tickets.

Yours in gossip,