Dear Gossips,

Have you seen the Game Of Thrones-Sesame Street parody yet?

“The monster is blue and full of errors.”

It’s so smart. It’s always so smart. I think, um, it might be smarter (and funnier) than Funny Or Die.

Finally though. Finally we’re almost there. Season 5 in 5 sleeps. Which means the show has almost caught up to the books. Which means that the people who’ve read the books can stop telling people who haven’t read the books to read the books. I’ve not read the books. I’ve read a few pages of one of the books and could not keep going. That’s the advantage now of not reading the books. No problem here if  G RR Martin just tells DB Weiss and David Benioff what happens and lets them just finish for him. Wouldn’t that be the ideal?

Yours in gossip,