Dear Gossips,

Laini Taylor’s Dreams Of Gods & Monsters was released today. I downloaded it to my iPad as soon as my alarm went off this morning and now it’s just sitting there, next to me on the desk, taunting, tempting: Blow off the whole day and read me, read me, read me.

This book is a seductive bitch.

Did you read the first two? We begin with Daughter Of Smoke & Bone, a solid start to building Taylor’s warring world between beasts and angels. Once she sets up her universe, she takes it to another gear in the second book, Days Of Blood & Starlight. Unlike Divergent which started strong but couldn’t keep up in the second and third books, Taylor seems to be generating momentum as she goes along. I’m excited to find out how she handles this conclusion. I’m nervous about how it will turn out. But Taylor is a strong, evocative writer. I’m optimistic that she’ll pull it off.

I feel less optimistic about whether or not they can make this happen in a movie. Of course, Universal has acquired the film rights to Daughter Of Smoke & Bone. It’s not that I don’t think it will make a great film experience, it’s just that I worry about how they’ll deliver visually. You can’t nickel and dime this sh-t. You can’t make the chimaera – who will likely be more difficult to render – second class citizens to the seraphim. You can’t blow your load on Akiva and turn him into the David Beckham of angels. Brimstone can’t be less than Akiva. But let’s not worry about that yet. Let’s get to the end first. I don’t think I’m sleeping tonight. Book erections are the best, non?

Yours in gossip,


PS. #rumorestimmortalis THANK YOU Ottawa for the great gossipy discussion last night at the Faculty of Celebrity Studies. I’ll be thinking about our debate on rape culture and Hollywood for a long, long time. We can gossip again tonight at 7pm at Chapters on Rideau. See you there?