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HBO announced yesterday that Game Of Thrones has been renewed for two more seasons after Sunday’s record-breaking ratings for the premiere of Season 4. That would, in theory, catch the show up with how many books have been released – five to date. As Duana mentioned in Monday’s recap – click here if you missed it – we’ve not read the books. And don’t intend to. For me it’s partly because, um, I can’t make it through the writing. Also, since the show is SO f-cking good, why should I?

Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss said recently that they’d had a meeting with George R R Martin about the story and where he intends to take it. That way they can start to “lay the groundwork for it”. In other words, they know the ending. It reminds me of how the filmmakers consulted with JK Rowling before she’d finished publishing the Harry Potter series. Not that Jo gave anything away, but she was able to give them some hints about character reactions depending on how they would ultimately turn out. Sure. But, to me, the books were still more important. In the case of Game Of Thrones, so long as Benioff and Weiss know what they need to be doing, well, I’m not really bothered. Because I’ve not invested in the reading, yes, and also because unspooling the narrative in episodic form has been so much more satisfying than the condensed Potter films, but mostly because... I feel like the show might actually be better than the source. Does that put me in nerd jail for life?

How many of you are skipping the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday for the second episode of the season? I highly recommend at least switching over to HBO and recording the Movie Awards for the hour that Game Of Thrones is on. You do not want to miss even a moment of what goes down. I actually sat with my mouth open during the closing credits for several minutes afterwards like, holy F-CK did that just happen? Also, Simon from Misfits looks really hot. And Tyrion calling his sister the “Mother of Madness” is just such a beautiful thing.

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PS. Ottawa! THANK YOU for two great smutty evenings. Our book signing/gossip session at Chapters on Rideau last night was the best. On my way to Edmonton this morning. See you at Chapters Southpoint tonight at 7pm!

PPS. And THANK YOU Amazon for naming my book, Listen To The Squawking Chicken, one of the Best Books of April!