Dear Gossips,

Duana showed me a video a couple of years ago. It’s the only time I’ve ever related to John Mayer, regardless of whether or not it was staged. Mayer’s on the phone, trying to walk his father through a computer issue. He grows increasingly frustrated, his voice gets higher and higher, and the situation becomes more maddening...

Because, and I know you know this, parents + technology is a formula for suicide. Especially if your parents are immigrants. Especially if your mother is a Chinese Squawking Chicken. ma just learned how to text. See the attachment below. That was her first text to me yesterday. She followed this up with: HI R U WANT ORANGE?

From now on, unexpectedly, my ma will be able to drop into my life, in all caps, and cryptically critique my body or offer me produce. See what I mean about Parents + Technology?

Click here if you’ve never seen the Mayer video, or watch the embedded player below.

Many of you have been asking for summer book recommendations. There’s an author I love who, for some reason, doesn’t get the attention he deserves. Jonathan Tropper’s newest One Last Thing Before I Go is out next week and it is SO GOOD. Until then though, if you are unfamiliar with Tropper’s work, start with How To Talk To A Widower. After that, This Is Where I Leave You. I don’t know how he manages to be so funny and so devastatingly sad at the same time but it is a wonderful gift. I hate him for it.

Yours in gossip,