Dear Gossips,

Who is your favourite face so far from London 2012? For me definitely Zulfiya Chinshanlo who set a new world record in the clean and jerk the other day. Look at those eyes!

It’s only Day 5 and I already miss the Olympics. Like when you’re down to only one beer in the fridge and you start having anxiety about running out. What is it about the Games, someone asked me yesterday. Excellence is a turn-on, certainly. But I’m also a hype whore and an easy sell. Those athlete profiles were made for people like me. They air them, cut to inspirational music designed for tears, for people like me. People like me, we get so wrapped up in that narrative, we fist pump with tight hearts when the winners cross the finish line, almost as if we gave birth to them ourselves. I can’t get enough.

We are now entering Week 2 of Twilight Heartbreak. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will dominate another round of tabloid covers, easily the most compelling and dominant gossip headline of the moment. As outlets compete for your attention though, the sourcing is becoming more and more suspect. In these situations, reporting from the lower tier publications is particularly unreliable. More on this right after shout-outs.

There are some serious gossips in Ottawa - thank you for such a great time last night at the Faculty Of Celebrity Studies! You came to class in spite of the rain! Next: Calgary on Thursday. See you there?

Am flying to Calgary this morning so I’ve prewritten some content before the flight and will resume when I land. If there are no delays, you should not experience any interruption to the regular blog schedule.

Yours in gossip,