Dear Gossips,

Yesterday was JK Rowling’s birthday. Yesterday I lost a few hours on Pottermore because it’s been recently updated and because she finally shared with us Remus Lupin’s full biography. For those of us who are crazy about Harry Potter, this is sort of, kind of like recreating that feeling when a new book came out. There’s a comfortable familiarity. Your friends are back, and you’re learning something new about them. And through it all, there’s Jo’s unmistakable compassion and humanity. Her messages, to me, were always subtle but at the same time instantly recognisable – prejudice is our great flaw; friendship is our salvation. No character better reflects those themes than Remus Lupin. Click here to read it all at Pottermore. Or here if you’re not a member…but WHY NOT!?

Duana recently re-read all 7 books, just because. I’ve not re-read them from 1-7 in order in a while. My books are still on their way from Vancouver. Accio books! When they get here, maybe it’s time for Jo to christen our new home.

Yours in gossip,