Dear Gossips,

It’s August. The major blockbusters have all been released. We pretty much know who the winners and the losers are, sorry Fantastic Four. Dinosaurs and Avengers, that was never in doubt. But… did you think Tom Cruise would be part of the conversation?

The Hollywood Reporter just posted a story this morning on Tom Cruise’s successful run with M:I5, positing that it was never a slam dunk, especially after Going Clear but, on the strength of the movie, and Tom’s tireless promotional efforts, M:I5 has proved that… well… the audience will show up for Tom Cruise when he’s Ethan Hunt.

But what about when he’s Jack Reacher? According to THR, Paramount, now back in love with Tom, will move ahead with the Jack Reacher sequel – shooting is expected to start in November with plans to release the movie around Thanksgiving 2016. And they definitely want Mission 6 to happen so they’re aiming to shoot that next year and release it summer 2017. No word yet on Top Gun 2 but I can’t imagine they’re pressing for a script. Look who’s all popular again.

And he did it without a girlfriend!

What happens when he actually finds one?

Yours in gossip,