Dear Gossips,

So there’s a rumour going around that they’ve already lined up the Super Bowl halftime performer…

Carrie Underwood.

I can see why. She already does the Sunday Night Football song. And there’s really no potential controversy. Also, she can sing live (her singing wasn’t the problem in The Sound Of Music), so it’s an understandable choice. But…do you know any Carrie Underwood songs?

That’s what I texted Duana this morning. Do you know any Carrie Underwood songs, like to sing along with them? Her response:

“Pretty little souped-up four wheel drive.” That’s it.

I was like, is that the Jesus take the wheel song or the one where she smashes the car?

It’s the one where she smashes the car.

So far I’ve polled 5 people at work. We work in entertainment. One person knew the smashing car song, the others couldn’t name a Carrie Underwood song.

Are we the ones who are severely lacking? I just feel like I need to know the songs I’m watching when I’m watching the Super Bowl half time show.

Anyway, please weigh in.

Yours in gossip,