Dear Gossips,

Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life, the book I fell in love with earlier this year (click here for a refresher) is becoming a movie. Some books you read them like a movie. Night Film, for example, by Marisha Pessl, my current book infatuation, you totally read like a movie. There’s no doubt it will be a movie.

Life After Life though, even with all the rewinding and redoing, which should naturally lend itself to cinematic interpretation, as everyone annoyingly kept comparing it to Groundhog Day, just isn’t that kind of book. How can one life be captured in 2 hours, let alone a life that’s lived over and over and over again?

But here we are, Life After Life at the movies. So who will be Ursula? Or who will be all the Ursulas? It seems likely that Keira Knightley or Carey Mulligan are suggested to play at least one of the Ursulas. Somehow though, as much as I love them both, they seem too obvious. Send me some suggestions!

Yours in gossip,