Dear Gossips,

Sarah sent me an update last night on TIFF voting. As posted yesterday – click here for a refresher – she’s coming to Toronto for TIFF and we’re asking you to set her schedule: what films should she see/review?

In the lead so far…

Beasts Of No Nation, directed by Cary Fukunaga and starring Idris Elba.

This is excellent, because we plan to use as many photos as we can of those two together during our TIFF coverage. Also I’m begging etalk to let me cover that carpet but you can’t always get what you want when it comes to assignments.

Anyway, keep emailing [email protected] with your picks. TIFF begins on September 10th. To me, when TIFF approaches, it always means the end of summer. But it’s been such a GREAT summer for gossip. Lately it’s been breaking on Tuesdays. Wonder if we’re getting a fresh dump today. 

Yours in gossip,