Dear Gossips,

Olympic face of the day? How could it be anyone other than Marcel Nguyen oh my God so pretty. Or have you never seen him before now because you live in America? I’ve not been watching NBC’s coverage but they’re being hit hard with criticism not only over their tape delay broadcasts but also for some sketchy editing decisions when they do finally show the events several hours later in prime time. Apparently the network, to create suspense around USA’s women’s team win, cut out Russian gymnast Ksenia Afanasyeva’s flawed performance on floor exercise so as to make it not so obvious that the Americans would be taking it. (Source)

Is that sort of like scripting a sporting event?

My Olympic Obsession is only getting worse. This weekend I’m in LA for work and will be away from the television for most of the day. Just when track and field is starting! Am irrationally inconsolable about it. Also my dreams are getting weirder. True story - last night I was paddling down the white water route in a canoe with a Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte hybrid (Lochte wins above the neck but Phelps totally has a better body) sitting at the front like a coxswain shouting - ROW YOUR F-CKING BOAT!

Anyway, the women’s all around happens today. And a showdown in the pool. The way I’m feeling, all nerves and anxiety, you’d think I was actually competing. Is this what it’s like to be a Twi-Hard?

Calgary - see you tonight at the Faculty Of Celebrity Studies!

Yours in gossip,