Dear Gossips,

Every year, a couple of weeks before the festival, TIFF sends out a press release to announce its expected guest list. The 2012 list just came this morning and as my friend Mio just said, it’s a Cannes-kicking guest list. Johnny Depp is coming. Will Smith is coming. Colin Firth is coming. SO MANY are coming. Even Winona Ryder is coming! Maybe 5 of you care about that. Do you care more that Gwyneth is coming too? I want them to make up on the red carpet at RTH. Will post all the names later but we’ve 16 days to go before, and yes I say this with bias, the start of the best film festival in the world and the true beginning of award season. I guess that’s how you get over Olympic withdrawal?

Reminder - Jonathan Tropper’s One Last Thing Before I Go is available today. As I mentioned last week - click here for a refresher - if you don’t know Tropper’s work, I am jealous, because you’re about to be delighted. (Start with How To Talk To A Widower.) And if you do know his work, his latest is, well, all Tropper - hilarious, sometimes inappropriately, really sad, and so wonderfully...humane, is the only word I can think of that most closely captures it.

Yours in gossip,