Dear Gossips,

Wait, I thought the rumour was that Carrie Underwood was performing at halftime at the Super Bowl …? Instead the Wall Street Journal reported the other day that the NFL has invited Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Coldplay …but that if they want the gig, they have to pay the league for the opportunity. The artists’ reaction? A “chilly reception”.

One of the arguments against this proposal is that it would essentially turn the halftime show into a giant commercial. Um. What do you think Beyonce was doing two years ago? Pepsi was sponsoring the show and Pepsi was also sponsoring her. The Super Bowl is a giant commercial in and of itself. The difference between Bey’s situation though and this one is that SHE was getting paid and not the one doing the paying for the privilege to be adored.

To me it’s not the endorsement issue but the pride issue. Maybe it’s an unfair perspective but if I found out that the artist on stage during halftime at the Super Bowl wrote a cheque for the right to be on stage during halftime at the Super Bowl, I’d think it was super lame. You?

Yours in gossip,