Dear Gossips,

I keep asking when it will end, this summer of Great Gossip, perhaps the best summer of Gossip we’ve had since, well, a long, long time. And there’s such a variety of it too, right? From covert divorces to flagrant cheaters to Olympic famewhores to Triangles becoming Rectangular engagements to Poseur Camelots and now naked royal scamps...

And not one of these subjects comes from a reality tv show.

I don’t think it’s over yet either. Something else is on its way. Give it a few weeks. When it lands it’ll be loud.

Do you care that yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of Dirty Dancing? I do. Dirty Dancing always reminds me of the last days of summer holiday. We saw it over and over again that year before school started. It was right before grade 9. Back then in Ontario, grade 9 was the beginning of high school - for 5 years! (Is it still?) My best friend Natasha had just transferred away. We told ourselves we’d always be tight and we’d always have Dirty Dancing. But a lot of things were about to change. How does a movie return you back to exactly who you were at the time that you saw it? All morning, for real, I’ve had anxiety about back to school shopping and whether or not I’ll know anyone in homeroom.

Yours in gossip,