Dear Gossips,

Earlier this week when Prince Harry’s naked photos were posted online everywhere outside of England, the Royal Family issued a warning to British media outlets that they were not to publish the pictures because it would constitute a violation of the Prince’s privacy. They complied... until now. The Sun is running them and, oh, just in time for the weekend, giving the story an even longer life.

Harry’s friends are now speaking out in his defence, raging against the party girls who sold them out and offered up the photos to TMZ which... I mean... but this is rich person arrogance at work, isn’t it? To believe that in Vegas, surrounded by young ambitious girls dreaming of reality TV stardom and desperate to shop for a new bag, the Prince and his wealthy friends would somehow get a social networking pass just because... he’s royal? This is not a discussion about whether or not a 27 year old is entitled to have a good time on holiday. This is about whether or not, for anyone, it’s particularly intelligent to go to Vegas, invite a group of strangers up in your room, take advantage of their, um, offerings, and at the same time expect them NOT to take advantage of yours. Come on now.

The summer of Good Gossip isn’t over. If Tom Cruise bailed out John Travolta and Kristen Stewart bailed out Tom Cruise and Prince Harry bailed out Kristen Stewart... who will bail out Prince Harry? Like I said the other day, something is brewing, and I can feel it, and when it finally lands, it’ll be loud.

Yours in gossip,