Dear Gossips,

The Emmys could have totally used some more Beyonce. Because no matter how bad it got on Sunday night, at least you knew there would be a payoff at the very end, right?

As Duana pointed out, we spent the VMAs asking each other “who are these people?” and we spent the Emmys asking each other “why is it always the same people?” Which is why we ended up spending the whole night on the liveblog trying to decide who’s grosser than Adam Levine.

Here’s what we concluded:

We would rather Fred Armisen over Adam Levine. We would rather Weird Al Yankovic over Adam Levine. I would rather Joffrey from Game Of Thrones over Adam Levine. That’s where Duana drew the line because she wouldn’t want to be killed by crossbow during sex. But think about it. Adam Levine would kill you with his helium singing anyway. So I might have to go with the crossbow.

Really? Adam Levine? He has no lips!

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Yours in gossip,