Dear Gossips,

The US Open starts on Monday, which is why the tour’s top players have been in New York this week. They’re preparing and practising but they’re also endorsing. Nike set up a big photo shoot the other day with several of the game’s major players and yesterday it was Rafael Nadal front and centre for Tommy Hilfiger. He’s their new underwear man. The poster is OK. But the video…

I love the video. I love where his jeans sit on his waist. F-ck, I love his back. And that he doesn’t have a huge chest. And, God, his skin.

That’s pretty much a perfect body…but one that’s actually been letting him down. As you know, Rafa hasn’t had a great year. It’s not just his injuries but also, he says, his mind. Rafa’s mental game, his never-say-quit, has always pulled him through. That’s part of why sport is so enthralling. Because if it were me, facing 3 championship points, I’d just be like, yeah, ok, let’s go get a burger, I’m over this.

Over the last few months, Rafa’s mental game hasn’t been sharp. So he’s seeded 8th heading into the open. He says he’s healthy though and that his focus is back:

"One of my best things during the whole of my career has been my mental strength. It is something I was not able to find that consistency during this year, but I start to see that I am again with that mentality, with that self-confidence." (Source)

OK then. Time to put the clothes back on and get to work. At least until the tournament is over.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Quick reminder again that I have another TIFF screening this morning at 10am so, as it has been all this week, the blog will be back-heavy. Sorry for the inconvenience.