Dear Gossips,

They’re calling them the Superhumans and it’s really no exaggeration. The Paralympic Games began in London in 1948. The event returns to London starting tonight at the Opening Ceremony. Have you ever watched wheelchair rugby? The video below gives you just a small, small taste. These athletes are badass.

Tom Hardy narrated a great documentary last year called Inside Incredible Athletes profiling several British Paralympians and exploring the science behind their extraordinary physical capabilities -- how their brains have adjusted and readjusted to their injuries and/or disabilities and how their bodies’ amazing responses to those changes have resulted in world class physical performance.  If you have the time, if it’s a slow week at work, it’s a great way to spend an hour. I’ve attached that below too.

Speaking of Tom Hardy, Lawless opens today. I’m seeing it again tonight. As I’ve mentioned before, when I screened it in Cannes, I was the only one coming out of there thinking it was a love story. Perhaps by tomorrow then I’ll be able to tell you what it’s actually about.

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