Dear Gossips,

Today’s Olympic faces? Kayla Harrison who overcame personal horror to win gold at the Games yesterday and Gabrielle Douglas, the first black individual all-around gymnastics Olympic champion.

Track starts today. The 100 metre race, considered by many to be the signature event of the Games, is happening on Saturday and Sunday. But I’m working all weekend - and it’s a long weekend in Canada! - and can’t park myself in front of a television and gorge on Olympics. The good news: I should be done by the time the final takes place on Sunday at 4:50pm ET. Bolt will make it through the prelims and semis, right? Like, it’s ok if I miss those in real time, right? 

So I learned last night that Calgary gossips are intense and provocative and sophisticated. Thank you so much for being so engaged last night at the Faculty Of Celebrity Studies! All photos will be posted next week.

Have you seen Will Ferrell imitate a Twi-Hard? It’s hilarious, of course. But... it’s also not an exaggeration at all. I’m not just referring to the Nutty Madam either. It’s mainly the way they’ve been support grouping each other through this ordeal. Even the ones who claim they’re “not crazy” spend an awful lot of time being despondent. How will they get through the next 4 months?

It’s a holiday on Monday here in Canada but it’ll be business as usual on the blog. Please visit if you’re around. Am flying to LA this morning for a few junkets. Will try to post as much as I can before my flight but Jacek is on Tingles today and if it ends up being a light one, I’ll make up for it next week.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,