Dear Gossips,

Love and thanks to Duana, our Guest Editor yesterday, for running the business. And to all of you for your support. Yesterday’s press day was a one-off. There won’t be too many more of those days going forward. The reason I was on a media blitz was to promote The Social, our new afternoon daily talk show premiering on CTV on Monday at 1pm across Canada. Click here for more on the show, including information about how to join us as a guest. Right now, we’re looking for single ladies to share their stories.

So it’s Labour Day weekend. This always reminds me of The Cosby Show. You remember how happy the Huxtables were that summer holiday was over and they could get away from their kids? Congratulations parents! You’re almost there!

The column might be light today because it’s slowwwww out there in gossip. Celebrities take a break when they know you might not be paying attention. Prepare yourself for what’s next though – Venice is happening and then we move straight into TIFF next week and the Emmys are coming up fast. Will it be a Liberace Emmys? A Liberace-off between Michael Douglas and the incomparable Bill Murray?

We’re off on Monday so regular blog sched resumes Tuesday – enjoy the end of summer!

Yours in gossip,