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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 31, 2015 09:58:02 August 31, 2015 09:58:02

Dear Gossips,

Kanye West took all the words. So today I have to manage with the scraps that he left for the rest of us.

Last night I tried to remember the “VMA moment” of 2014. In 2013 it was Miley and the tongue and the finger. But last year…well… I realised that last year there wasn’t one. Last year was all about Beyonce’s Vanguard performance. Last year, no one wanted to f-ck with that, no one wanted to f-ck with her. Knowing that Beyonce wasn’t a factor this time around, it kinda felt like the lawless Wild West again. Which is exactly what the VMAs should feel like. This is what MTV has been doing so well for almost 30 years. No other show manufactures controversy so consistently – be it organic or intentional. From Howard Stern farting, to Eminem trying to throw down with Moby, to girl kisses and nipple slips, to interruptions, presidential declarations, and feuds – always the feuds – the VMAs keep giving.

What I appreciated the most, however, about what MTV gave us in 2015 is actually what they DIDN’T give us…

I Can’t Ariana Grande wasn’t there.

That’s enough to declare the event a huge success. Another indication that an award show is a success? The fashion is secondary. I was initially all ready to talk about the clothes but the clothes have now become an afterthought to the drama.

Oh and there’s a new Moon Man. They forced the old guy into retirement. I am outraged.

Yours in gossip,


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