Dear Gossips,

“Of course, sometimes sh-t go down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator.”

Ohhhhh…so is that why Solange Knowles went at JayZ with all four limbs and probably a lot of foam at the mouth?

Beyonce’s cash register says “yes”.

She almost broke the internet and social media again this weekend when she dropped a surprise new track: the Flawless remix with Nicki Minaj and a few choice lyric changes, including the above reference to what went down between her husband and his sister earlier this year and this:

“You wish I was your pound cake.”

Does that mean no one’s telling her to eat the cake?

Beyonce keeps making up riddles about herself and we are supposed to keep asking, keep wondering. Meanwhile, Page Six keeps going hard at the Carters, publishing yet another report this weekend about how their marriage crisis is now a concern for Live Nation. Supposedly an emergency meeting was called the other day between Bey, J, and Live Nation executives to save the tour. Sources tell Page Six that the situation is so tense, it’s very possible they won’t be able to finish On The Run. Really?

Three more stops (last night at the Rose Bowl went fine) and a major paycheque and there’s a possibility they might tap out? Beyonce tap out? Beyonce miss a show? Over her relationship?

“You must not know ‘bout me.”

It’s one thing to believe that they’re heading for a split. And that they don’t share hotel rooms. And they might not be speaking anymore. It’s entirely another to believe that Beyonce would bail on performing and miss an opportunity to have HBO film their Paris shows for another television special. Inconceivable.

As for how the actual song sounds…

The entire song is basically a crotch grab. And Nicki is strong here. Her verse is a monster ego, about as aggressive as we’ve seen her. “Princess cut diamonds on my Disney”, I wish I’d thought of that.

But still… even though on standalone their parts are effective, when put together I just don’t feel like it works. You?

Note: Holiday in Canada today. Will be a very light day. Back to regular schedule tomorrow.

Yours in gossip,