Dear Gossips,

Ryan Seacrest has a lot of jobs. He just added another job. It was announced yesterday that he’s to host a new reality game show on NBC called The Million Second Quiz. The Million Second Quiz will air every night on NBC starting in September (with a one night break for football) featuring contestants competing 24 hours a day (trivia battles) in a huge hourglass structure in Manhattan until an eventual winner is crowned. When the show is off the air, the brain wars continue online. Kinda like a hybrid of Big Brother and Jeopardy, I guess?

I love quiz shows. Do you know how many times I tried to qualify for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? This quiz show however, I don’t think I would bother, even if Canadians were eligible. Unless there was some way I could maintain my 3 shower a day minimum. What? You don’t know the hygiene level of 20 strangers jammed up in your living space for over a week. And my brain wouldn’t work properly anyway seeing as the television residential conditions wouldn’t help my poo problem.

But we are determined to inch closer and closer and closer to The Hunger Games, non? That’s how it starts. Like it’s not enough that it’s a quiz show, it has to be a study in endurance too. Before long, they’ll not only be fighting each other’s minds (because, really, what’s the visual interest in an intellectual throw-down for the modern network television consumer these days?), they’ll be asked to fight each other physically too. It works better on camera.

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